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Thursday, January 29, 2009

let it snow ~ let it snow ~ let it snow

2 snow days in a row. WOW. The kids are on cloud 9! We are sure enjoying the beauty of the sparkling white snow. It is nice to be IN looking OUT! The one picture here shows the kids out playing in the snow on Wednesday. The temperatures have been in the mid 20's today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sannes Homestead

The Sannes Homestead ~ house built in 1973 by my father-in-law, Marty Sannes.
The David Sannes home established in 1990.


The sun shines on the snow and makes it glisten like diamonds. The pure white snow is so refreshing. It reminds me of how Jesus takes a life of black ugly sin and washes it WHITER than snow.

Saturday we got a nice snowfall. The boys had a birthday party to attend at 1:00, so afterwards they got together with several friends and went sled riding on the girls dorm hill. They were more happy than two bunnies in a lettuce patch! Their cheeks were rosy and they were frozen to the bone, but they were chatty & delighted! I helped them get out of all their cold, wet clothes and sent them off to a hot shower while PJ's & blankets warmed in the dryer for when they got out.

Monday after school found them sledding on the neighbor's hill. Charlotte lives right next door and has a nice hill to sled on. (Unfortunately we do not have a nice hill to sled on!!) Then again Tuesday they went sledding at Charlotte's again. Not sure if they will get to go today since the temperatures are much lower today. It was 3 degrees this morning @ 8. Now @ 10 it is 14 degrees with the sun. But I was able to get some nice pictures of them sledding on Tuesday. My philosophy is "It's winter, so 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow' "!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


"The best made plans of mice and men" fell through for our Christmas plans. My mom & dad were to come out the 23rd (our Victor's birthday) and stay for several days. However, mom started having real bad trouble with her left eye and the doctor had to put a full eye patch on the eye and she could not see to drive. Dad has not been able to see well enough to drive for quit a long time, so they were not able to come out as originally planned. We debated going there or driving down to get them. But mom was in a lot of pain and miserable as can be so we opted to leave them alone so she could heal! We ended up having a very quiet Christmas Day here at our Homestead.

David had a few days off work over the holidays so we slipped out of Salem Friday morning (26th) and headed South along the river and went to Cabela's in Wheeling, West Virginia. Seems like this time of year always finds us there. Last year we went on New Year's Eve. We all thoroughly enjoy the trip and the store there. We always pack a picnic lunch and take a break from shopping and have a picnic in the car. Really a fun day. The boys are really into tomahawk throwing, fishing, pellet gun shooting, & slingshot shooting, so it seems like each time we go, there are more departments of interest to cover!!! The boys favorite remains ~~~ The Shooting Gallery. There you will find laser shotguns and laser targets which equals a TON of fun.

Saturday January 3rd we went to our niece's house for Christmas/New Year's on David's side of the family. Emmy and her husband Richard Miller welcomed everyone to their place in town. Those able to be there were David's sister Lynn, her son Marty and Marty's brother-in-law Lance. Marty's wife, Jen, unfortunately had to work and we really missed her a lot. An unexpected guest was a "forever friend" Willis Montgomery and his wife Charla. We had not seem them in ever so long and they were able to come visit for several hours. What a treat to listen to Will, David & Lynn reminisce about "the good ole days"!